Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Cover Reveal: Liz Coley

I want to give a plug for Liz Coley’s latest release, the start of a new trilogy for her. 

Liz is the author of Pretty Girl-13, an international best-seller (and I loved comparing all the covers of the foreign editions).  It’s a psychological thriller that’s appeared on two select lists for 2014, including Best Fiction for Young Adults.  Her other publications include the alternate history/time travel/romance Out of Xibalba and teen thrillers in her new Tor Maddox series. 

Her latest work is part of that latter series:  Tor Maddox: Unleashed.  The story involves 16-year old Torrance Olivia Maddox, a “self-confessed news junkie,” who figures out that a mysterious and deadly New Flu is spread by dogs.  She then wonders, “if the danger is that obvious to her, why hasn’t the government revealed the truth and taken action?”  Good question.  And her search for an answer takes her farther than she ever would have guessed.  But then again, she never imagined that man’s best friend could become public enemy number one, that men in black might show up in her cozy suburban neighborhood, that she’d spend her sixteenth birthday as a teenaged runaway, and that her effort to save one dog would become a mission to save them all.”

And, though I’m sure you’ll never find a cover like this on any of my own SF books, I have to show it here because, well, you just gotta love it.  See it and enjoy:

I’m showing this to my teen nieces immediately! 

You can visit Liz at her website,, and you can follow her as LizColeyBooks on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Again, enjoy!